Purple and white. In one shirt.

Shop the brand new home shirt at rsca.be/shop.

Purple and white. A mythical blend that has been capturing imaginations for decades. The colors of Robbie, Pol. Mulder, Grün or Për. Of domestic trophies and European heydays. Infused with mystique and prestige. Synonymous with elegance on and off and the pitch. Forever associated with Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht.

The brand new home shirt by JOMA is an ode to those colors. Mauve et blanc. Worn and loved by many. Put into words magnificently by Georges Grün. In an interview in 1988, Grün expressed his admiration for the colors that he dreamed of wearing as a kid. In the video for the new shirt, legendary players like Ludo Coeck, Robbie Rensenbrink, Enzo Scifo and Pär Zetterberg figure as well. Jan Vertonghen, Marco Kana and Kasper Dolberg represent the Anderlecht of today.

The new shirt will be worn for the first time at the gala match against Ajax, this Saturday 22nd of July.

Shop the shirt now at rsca.be/shop. 

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